Important message for you from Jean-Luc Trachsel

Dear friends,

Recently during this COVID19 pandemic, I’ve unfortunately lost my salary coming from a foundation which allowed me to fulfill all my duties for Our God. I’m very grateful for their support during the last years giving me the possibility to complete my different missions.

But today, I’m writing you because I need your help to support me and allow me to assume my various responsibilities and works that haven’t changed. Would you become a partner with me as a missionary?

This is the reason I’ve founded Jean-Luc Trachsel Ministries. The purpose of it is to become a platform to facilitate my ministry as an evangelist traveling around the world, but also working as the president of the International Association of Healing Ministries (IAHM), the prime visionary carrier of the Europe Shall be saved movement, the co-chairman with Daniel Kolenda of the Global Evangelist Alliance, part of the Holy Spirit Night movement and the apostolic team Gospel Wave.

Today, we are all living a challenging season full of opportunities! Obviously, we can see the huge needs to bring the Good News, full of Hope to this desperate generation. As today we are limited yet to travel, we use all the possibilities offered to us to bring  Jesus as the Savior, the Healer and the Deliverer to the nations of the world. For months I have been preaching throughout the world, reaching the unreached, and praying for a multitude of sick people through Zoom, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This is marvelous and extraordinary to see that Jesus hasn’t changed, while literally thousands upon thousands are being saved and healed during this pandemic!

As the apostle John was writing on his 3rd letter, I’m sending you this request: As I’m preaching and doing the work for the Lord, could you support me ? so that you can be my partner as I preach and teach the truth to this generation.

Become JLTM Partner

I ask personally for your help and I want to give you the opportunity to be a mission partner in this exciting journey for the Harvest. I am praying for 200 partners willing to give monthly 20, 50, 100 euros or another amount as the Lord leads you.

I am deeply grateful for your open heart and generosity in helping me to step into a new season of my life. My family and I are praying that the Lord may bless you abundantly.


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