Worship releases God’s power

2 Kings 3:15
Now bring me someone who can play the harp. While the harp was being played, the power of the LORD came upon Elisha.

Years ago, I have heard people saying several times that in heaven we will be worshipping the Lord, day and night. I didn’t like that concept because I thought it would be boring. But I have discovered then that worship is not just singing a beautiful Christian song but a lifestyle of expressing to our Creator all that He receives in return for who He is, starting with His Presence,  His unconditional love and His Power.


The Bible says that God dwells in the praises of His people. When you worship the Lord, the most important things will happen. His presence is manifested wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, in your car or at work. God himself will inhabit your praise.

That’s why worship is not just a religious activity, but a supernatural experience that draws and brings the Presence of God into our midst.


And where the Presence of God is, there is tremendous, unlimited power! The enemy cannot stand in the presence of our powerful God! This is why there is so much resistance when we really want to worship in spirit and in truth. The enemy hates true worship that draws in the Presence of God because he knows he cannot stand in His Holy Presence.


If you need His power, deep worship and adoration are the key to your daily life. What do you need power for, today? Do you need God’s healing power in your body? If so, Worship Him. Do you need God’s restoring power in your relationships? If so, Worship him. Do you need God’s power to deliver you from a personal crisis? If so, Worship him. Do you need his power to provide you with supernatural goods? If so, Worship him.


When you worship him, you will see things starting to change. The atmosphere around you will change. Your perspective will change. Things that used to bother you will no longer bother you. Old habits and addictions will automatically leave you.  Your environment will change. God will open doors of opportunity and bring you divine connections that will help you in ways you never imagined before.


Things in your life will start to change as you live a life of worship. Start worshipping the Lord in the midst of your circumstances. You don’t need to have a perfect voice that sings well. For true worship is in spirit and in truth. But throughout the day, you can worship him by focusing your attention on Him. Sing songs to him and declare his goodness and all that he is.  You can do it in your own native language, or in English and the best is to worship Him in the divine language – one of the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues. As you do, you will experience major changes to have the life of victory that He has in store for you! He is worthy of our praise and as you worship, you will experience a great release from heaven of God’s Presence and Power.

Prayer: Almighty God, in the midst of my circumstances, I choose to worship you. I love you with all my heart. You are such a great and good God who loves me unconditionally. As I worship you in spirit and in truth, I open myself to your Presence. As you dwell in my praise of you, I expect to experience your power for my healing, deliverance, provision and whatever else I need. As you are my all.

Quote: When you worship the Lord, the most important things will happen. His presence will manifest itself to release His Power wherever you are.

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