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From an early age, God called Jean-Luc Trachsel to bring His Word with a demonstration of power. He has traveled over the five continents, has visited more than 90 nations and was able to share the Gospel to all kinds of circumstances and situations. Visionary and entrepreneur, he believes that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

He works actively to bring unity among the Christians to proclaim the Gospel with mercy and compassion to this generation. His sensitivity to the Spirit allows the manifestation of the supernatural with signs, miracles, healings and salvation. His journey is one of an ordinary person, through whom God did extraordinary things simply because he made himself available to Him.

Jean-Luc is part of the senior and apostolic team Gospel Wave and member of Gospel Center in Oron-la-Ville (Switzerland),  the President of the International Association of Healing Ministries (IAHM) and prime vision carrier of Europe Shall Be Saved movement. Together with Daniel Kolenda, he has also launched and co-chairs the Global Evangelist Alliance (GEA) under the banner of Empowered21. Internationally recognized speaker, he travelled over the five continents to more than ninety nations and shared the Gospel in all kinds of situations and circumstances.

Jean-Luc leads his ministry with enthusiasm, passion and wisdom. In his autobiography “Behind the scenes of a miracle”* whose foreword was written by Dr. Heidi Baker and endorsed by many internationally recognised ministries like the late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, he explains with authenticity how he lives the power of God in his daily life, during meetings or events. With humility, he also shares how God carried him through a difficult two-year break, after suffering from a burn-out.

His latest book « Moving into Miracles & Healings » forwarded by Bill Johnson , he is sharing key revelations regarding his healing ministry as He has seen all kinds of miracles. Eager to see every believer to move into the supernatural of God and mainly to heal the sick as Jesus commanded us, you will discover and get inspired with practical and simple tools.

Married to his beautiful wife Josiane, father of 4 children and now grandfather, he loves to spend time with his family.

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