Peace on earth to you with whom God is pleased

Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others—the armies of heaven—praising God and saying, “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.”

Luke 2:13-14


As an angel of The Lord appeared among the shepherds bringing the Good News of the birth of Jesus the Savior, the heavenly armies joined him. And together they were singing and praising God’s Glory but also declaring peace on earth.  For many years, sadly I didn’t like so much the Christmas seasons as the people are the most stressed, worried and agitated. Christmas is a time that should be filled with peace and a lot of joy. But our common enemy of our souls is making everything to distract us and trying to steal the real things that Jesus brought us by coming on this earth. Don’t fall into his trap! And embrace in this season what Heaven is releasing over your life. The coming of Jesus is the greatest news. All the angels of Heaven are rejoicing and singing God’s Glory over your life. No matter how the economy is or the turbulences around the world, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. And for all of us in whom God is pleased our gift is to receive this peace on our earthly life as well.  I pray that this year, the supernatural peace from Heaven will invade you in a glorious way. Open yourself to His Presence and to the atmosphere from Heaven. Join the song of the angels and sing Glory to God in highest heaven and Glory to God over your situations. As you are joining the angelic choir arise from the earthly distractions. And start to sing and declare with authority over every situation “Peace on earth”. Declare and embrace peace on all areas of your life including your house and country. And listen this peaceful sounds coming from heaven bringing Hope and Joy.

Prayer: God, I decide to take my focus away from my needs and problems. And I’m joining the angels singing God’s Glory over me and my family. And in God’s Presence, I declare and release the real Peace coming from heaven to invade my life and all those who are surrounding me. I’m praying for peace over my family but also over my country. Let your peace be! 

Quote :  Christmas is a time to be filled with peace and joy. Don’t fall into the enemy’s trap making everything to distract us and trying to steal the real things that Jesus brought us by coming on this earth. Let’s embrace and sing with the angels God’s Glory and Peace on earth. 

Song : Chris Tomlin – A Christmas Alleluia (Live) ft. Lauren Daigle, Leslie Jordan


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