Nothing is too hard for the Lord

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

Genesis 18:14 

Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have children. From a natural point of view, it was impossible and they couldn’t think or see beyond what they could do. Therefore, they were having a hard time imagining or even thinking that God could do anything for them.

This is the kind of situation that we all have experienced. Being invaded by a problem in such a way that we focus on the challenges instead of thinking beyond our limitations. Beyond every problem there is a new opportunity to allow God to perform a miracle.

Sarah laughed when she heard the angel telling Abraham that she would get pregnant. We might not have thought there was any difference between Sarah’s laughter and Abraham’s (Genesis 17:17) but God, who searches the heart, saw that one came from unbelief, and the other from faith. Sarah denied that she had laughed.

Let’s check our heart and make sure that there is no unbelief in us. Surely, all of us may have some doubts, but let us never allow unbelief make its nest in our hearts. God is not limited by our situation, by our past, by our education or by the lack thereof. He’s not limited by what we have or what we don’t have. He is the Almighty God, able to release His power to create anything that seems impossible. With God, everything is possible.

Our efforts, our own strength and our works are not our source. God is our source, and His works and resources are unlimited. One word, one idea or direction from God can change the course of our life forever. God can do anything if we simply stop limiting Him in our way of thinking. As we believe that nothing is too hard for God, He will be able to release any kind of miracles we need today.

Prayer: God, I believe and declare that nothing is too hard for You! Everything is possible for You. I put my trust, hope and faith in You, expecting to receive a miracle from You. I stop looking at my problem and decide to turn my eyes to You, believing that I will see Your might and power in action towards my situation. 

Quote: God can do anything if we simply stop limiting Him in our way of thinking. Nothing is too hard for God!

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