His Hope refreshes us

“I am the one who answers your prayers and cares for you. I am like a tree that is always green; all your fruit comes from me.” Hosea 14:8 (NLT)

Hosea was one of the “minor” prophets, part of the last twelve books of the Old Testament. Minor, not in a matter of importance but in the brevity of material written, in contrast to the five proceeding prophetic books called the major prophets, (meaning more material). Hosea urged the people of God to covenant faithfulness. The essential theme is, first of all, a judgment for the failure to follow God’s ways. But the second is a promise of restoration full of Hope after the rebuke. He foresaw tremendous destruction and sorrow for God’s people, but he had faith and the vision to see that God would make good on his promises and send a Deliverer for his people.

This is fantastic and so encouraging to read this book of Hosea ending on a hopeful note.

That HOPE can be found in God. As long as we trust in God and live by His directives, we will experience God’s blessings on our lives.

Hope doesn’t stand on its own or by mental convictions. Hope without God will be like a mirage and will fade away. If our hope rests on the good circumstances or on our job, our own abilities or even on other people, then it will be disappointed. But when our Hope rests fully on Our God, the one who answers our prayers and cares for us, we have a hope that will endure forever. This hope in God will be able to manifest patience and pass through the storms of life. His Hope will sustain us in the middle of economic crisis or sickness. His Hope opens the doors for real faith to move and to see the power of God in action. As we put our Hope in Him, we will please Him and will permit His Hands to perform miracles. His Hope refreshes us like the tree that is always green. His Hope will give you in every season great fruits coming directly from this heavenly good papa God.

Prayer: Dear God, as I fully put my hope and trust in you, living by your directives, I will experience your blessings on my live. Thanks for your hope that refreshes me in this season, allowing me to receive from you beautiful fruits. My Hope is in you, allow the doors for faith to move.

Quote: As our hope rests fully on God, we are refreshed like a tree that is always green, giving fruits in every season.

Song: Refresh me – from Leeland

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