God always has a better way

2 Samuel 24:17
“And when David saw the angel smiting among the people, he said unto the LORD, Behold, I have sinned. I am the guilty one.”

God called David a man after his own heart and he never took his word back. What do you think was the reason for that? I mean, David was always sinning and sometimes he committed very serious sins! Even at the end of his life, he still made bad choices with the census and others. What was it about him that made him so favoured by God?

David had a great heart for the Lord. He loved and feared God. But David is a perfect example of every human being, man or woman of God who serves the Lord. We all make mistakes and sometimes we commit great sins. The problem is, when we try to hide them and live a double life. We can hide things before men but not before God.

And David, when he sinned, was always sincere in his repentance. We know this because even though he had sinned, we do not see him returning to sin. He did not need to ask God for forgiveness for repeated sins. David learned from his mistakes. He accepted the consequences. And he always moved forward, trusting in God’s grace and forgiveness.

What a great example for us! We must do as David did, being humble and confessing when we have fallen away and moving forward to God’s future plan for us. We cannot remain in our old sins if we have repented before God.  And by His grace, God asks us to move forward. Of course, when we sin, there are consequences. But if we accept these, it does not mean that God is finished with us. It means that we receive an important reminder not to go down that road again, because God always has a better way!

It is vital to have a humble heart that recognises that we need God. And when we take the wrong path, when we make mistakes, when we sin, let us simply bend our knees and ask the Lord for forgiveness with a pure heart. And when you confess your sin, learn from your mistakes and the bitter consequences that come with them. Decide not to go down that road again and ask God for His strength as He gives you His will to sin no more because God’s purpose for your life is far better.

Prayer: Lord, I want to be like David. I know that I am a human being and that I am weak, but with God’s help, as I fear your name, I still want to repent of my sins that I have committed. All I take from this is to follow your way. Thank you for your grace towards me and for allowing me not to be perfect, but to be a man/woman who needs you.

Quote: Like David, as human beings, no one is perfect but we have the ability to repent under God’s grace with a sincere heart to change our direction and follow God’s perfect path for us!

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