For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry

Psalms 107:9
“For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. ”

These verses in this psalm mention the deliverance from Egypt, and perhaps from Babylon, but the circumstances of the travelers in these countries are also indicated. It is scarcely possible to conceive the horrors suffered by the unfortunate traveler, when he crosses the trackless sands, exposed to the burning rays of the sun. The words describe the case of those which the Lord has redeemed from the bondage of Satan, who pass through the world as a dangerous and dreary wilderness, often ready to faint from trouble, fear and temptation. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for God and for fellowship with him, will be filled with the blessings of his house, in grace and in glory.


Matthew 5:6 “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”


Furthermore, In my travels around the world I have seen, where people are hungry and thirsty, God can do much more than in places where there is no such hunger or thirst. Being hungry and thirsty is a very good sign of health. And today, I want to encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to put that hunger and thirst for God in you.


If you are longing, thirsty and hungry to know God better, to be more in His Presence, to see His Glory, to experience a real revival in your life or area, that is the door for Him to come in and provide what you are waiting for.


I know that everyone can be very busy with life. And it might seem that you are not hungry or thirsty enough to allow God to move harder. Ask the Lord to show you your gauge or thermometer of your hunger and thirst. But I know that deep down we all want more of HIM.


By His Grace, just position yourself in that place where you don’t have to do more to receive His drink and food. He is a good Dad, and He wants to satisfy your thirst and fill your hunger with good things. When you allow Him to satisfy your thirst, you will find that His drink is phenomenal and will bring you a feeling of great satisfaction that will make you requiring more. Likewise, if you allow Him to feed you with His food, you will have a much better meal of higher quality than a 3-star Michelin star restaurant. When you eat His food, you will discover flavors and tastes that you never had before because God only gives GOOD THINGS.


Today is your day to express your hunger and thirst to God. And as you pray, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to that divine heavenly spring of fresh water as to spiritual places where heavenly food is abundant.

Prayer: Thank you God for being a good father to me. I want to express my hunger and thirst to you. Even sometimes I am desperate for more of YOU in my life. I hunger and thirst for your Presence, your Glory, your Guidance and most of all to know you better. I open my mind to the Holy Spirit to receive what I need from you today.

Quote: When you allow him to satisfy your thirst, you will discover that God’s drink is phenomenal and it will bring a sensation of high satisfaction.

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