Connected for much fruits

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Do you need more hope, more courage and strength, more power in your life today? When you are connected to the Father God through Jesus, you are connected to the vine as the source of life. Just as a branch is sustained by the vine, it’s attached to, we are sustained by being attached to Him.

If you think about how fruits grow, it doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time, passing different seasons and the right conditions. It hangs from a branch that is connected to the vine. In the same way, the fruit in your own life takes a while and develops over time to be ripe. You might be tempted to get discouraged if don´t see “fruit” in your life as quickly as you’d like.  Be encouraged and just be patient trusting the Lord! If you’ll keep your heart humble before God and stay connected to Him through prayer, studying and meditating His Word, you will see that fruit begins to form in your life just as He promised! You’ll see the fruit of joy, which is strength. You’ll see the fruit of perseverance, patience but also love and peace, which will sustain you in the midst of difficulty. As you stay connected to Him, you’ll be empowered and equipped for every circumstance, and you’ll truly live as an overcomer! Stay connected to God, allow His Presence and anointing to flow throughout you and you will bear much fruits. And when you produce much fruit, you are His true disciples that bring great to Your Father (John 15:8). And never forget, for apart from Jesus you can do nothing.

Prayer: Father God, in Jesus name, I want to remain in you. Holy Spirit come over me with your fresh anointing and your fruit to be patient and perseverant. Even if I don’t see yet the outcome, but great fruits are on their ways. My life will mark history and blessed my surrounding through the fruits you will give me. And all these fruits will give you all the Glory.

Quote: Just as a branch is sustained by the vine, we are sustained by being attached to Jesus to bear much fruits that Glorify the Father.

Song: Glorify thy name –  Live from Emmanuel Christian Center

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