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1 week with Jean-Luc Trachsel

On the occasion of the launch of the new book, we offer you a week (5 evenings and 1 exclusive live) to share the key points of the book, pray and see the supernatural in our lives > 1 week of miracles and healings

You are called to live a supernatural life! Throughout this book, I will share incredible testimonies and experiences of supernatural healing that I have seen firsthand in my ministry. The reason I share these stories is so that you will have faith and expectancy to see God move in the same way through your life. The miracles we read about in the Gospels and the book of Acts are not just stories from the past, they present a picture of what it looks like to truly follow Jesus Christ.

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Behind the scenes of a miracle

I wish to tell you about the interior, the hidden side, and to take you behind the scenes of my ordinary life, where the God of the extraordinary who still works miracles is manifested.

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