Your word is my source of hope

You are my refuge and my shield; your word is my source of Hope.

Psalms 119 v 114

We are all facing challenges, disappointments, grieves and losses. Maybe you’ve lost your job, or you are facing major financial troubles. You might have received bad news from the medical doctor, or your child might have serious problems. Maybe you’ve been betrayed, or you are in the middle of a family crisis. These are all painful and challenging situations but actually part of life.

But there is Good News; there is God the Good Father. He is Our refuge and Our shield. And in His word there is a source of Hope.

By His Grace and strength, you can overcome any kind of situations by quitting the place of grief to find refuge in God. There is certainly a time to grieve when we experience loss, but God wants us to move beyond our past mistakes and failures, our past hurts and pains, our past shortcomings and sins. He encourages us to let go off the pains and disappointments of our past, so that we can experience the brilliant future He has in store for us. Give to God your pain, your questions and decide to forgive those who hurt you. Forgive yourself if you have made mistakes, as we all have. The battle is mainly in your mind and you can overcome by putting your trust in the word of God which is the source of Hope.

This source of Hope is available for you today and for this coming season.  Open your eyes to see God’s perspective and His wonderful will for your own life. God will turn your disappointments into victory. He will give you beauty for ashes and joy for mourning. As you put your trust in Him, you will discover that your brightest days are just beyond the horizon. Let us rejoice and be glad in Him as the best days are to come.

Prayer: God you are my refuge and my shield. No weapons formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that raised against me is stopped and condemned as it’s my inheritance. I open my ears to your word, and I can hear the sound of a beautiful source of Hope that will invade me and my family.

Quote: As you put your trust in Him, you will discover that your brightest days are just beyond the horizon.

Song: Your word – from Hillsong

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