You can run away from temptations

She came and grabbed him by his cloak, demanding, “Come on, sleep with me!” Joseph tore himself away, but he left his cloak in her hand as he ran from the house.

Genesis 39:12

Joseph’s story is such a great example to follow. And as he had the strength to run away from temptation, we have the capacity, by God’s grace, to resist any kind of temptation, too. 

We have a great need to make a covenant with our eyes, as the eyes infect the heart. When lust has got power, decency, reputation and conscience, are all sacrificed. Potiphar’s wife showed that her heart was fully set to do evil. Satan, when he found he could not overcome Joseph with the troubles and the frowns of the world, for in them Joseph still held fast to his principles, assaulted him with pleasures. 

But Joseph, by the grace of God, was enabled to resist and overcome this temptation. His escape was as great an instance of the Divine power, as the deliverance of the three men out of the fiery furnace. This sin was one which might have most easily beset him. The tempter was his mistress, one whose favor would help him forward and it was at his utmost peril if he slighted her and made her his enemy. The time and place favored the temptation. To all this was added frequent, constant urging. The almighty grace of God enabled Joseph to overcome this assault of the enemy. He urges what he owed both to God and his master. We are bound in honor, as well as justice and gratitude, not in anything to wrong those who place trust in us, how secretly so ever it may be done. He would not offend his God. 

It was that sin by which he was tempted. Others might look upon it as a small matter. But Joseph did not think of it that way. Call sin by its name, and never lessen it. Let sins of this nature always be looked upon as great wickedness, as exceedingly sinful. Against whom was he tempted to sin? Against God. Sin is against God, against His nature and His dominion, against His love and His design.

Those who love God, for this reason hate sin. The grace of God enabled Joseph to overcome the temptation by avoiding the tempter. He would not stay to parley with the temptation, but fled from it, as escaping for his life. If we mean not to do iniquity, let us flee as a bird from the snare, and as a roe from the hunter.

I know we are living in a society bringing us many temptations. Everybody has temptations but we have the great choice to succumb to them or to resist and run away. Today, as you are a noble person loving God with all your heart, by God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit you will run away from temptation to be an over comer, pleasing God.

Prayer: Thanks God, that you’ve created me with a will. My will is to do Your will and not to sin. I decide not to allow temptations to put a nest on me. With Your help, I decide to run away from any kind of temptations to please you as I love you so much.

Quote: If we mean not to do iniquity, we have the capacity by God’s Grace to flee as a bird from the snare, and as a roe from the hunter.

Song: A decided mind (Christian music) – Christian song about resisting temptation

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