Watching His Goodness passing over you!

The LORD answered, “I will cause all my goodness to pass over you, and I will call upon my name, the LORD, before you. For I will show mercy to whom I choose, and I will show compassion to whom I choose.

Exodus 33:19 

God is a good God and the devil is an evil devil! One of the most obvious traits of God’s character is His goodness. In the devil, everything is bad but in God everything is good. There is nothing evil in God. 

As God invites us to be watchers, He will surprise you in this special season by manifesting His goodness in ways you have never experienced before. Watch out and expect His goodness to pass before you in such a strong way to know that only He can do that. While you may feel unworthy, or too simple or not involved enough in advancing His kingdom, He will show you His mercy because He has chosen you. He loves you so much, you are unique. 

He knows the challenges you’ve been through. He knows exactly where you are stuck. He knows your strengths but also your weaknesses. He knows where you have failed or succeeded. And that is why, in this season, whatever you’ve done right or wrong, He will show you His compassion and mercy. 

My friend, as we are in this season of Advent, I want to encourage you to open your mind to the Holy Spirit. As you position yourself to receive all that God has in store for you, you will experience the coming of the Lord into your life. Not because you have prayed more or done anything special, but simply because He has chosen you to see His mercy, compassion, and goodness in all areas of your life.  

The Goodness of God comes from the Hebrew word “Tuwb” which is a superlative of “good” and “the best” of a person, including their beauty. When you expect the Goodness of God, you will see the infinite beauty of Jesus and the glory of God that was to pass before Moses while he was hidden in the cleft of the rock (Ex. 33:22). God gave Moses a new revelation of His infinite character and nature, He will do it again for you, as you are hidden in His hand being his child. 

Prayer : God I’m ready to watch your goodness passing over me. I want to open myself to this revelation of you my precious Jesus. I’m expecting in this season to experience and to see Your goodness, mercy and compassion. Thank you so much for being such a great GOOD GOD ! 


Companion of our expectations

You keep watch, companion of our expectations,

You, hidden visitor of our life.

Let us hear Your voice that lifts us up

when we bend under the weight of misfortune

and opens the horizon of tenderness

when fear and dread make our hearts drift.

May your Word make the dawn rise

on our transfigured humanity,

and make bloom, in all our opacities

a new breath singing the joy of love.

Under our steps will blossom for our land

justice and peace, love and truth,

and from our hands, pearls of light.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

(Dietrich Bonhœffer, a German Protestant pastor and theologian, was one of the founders of the Confessing Church, which opposed the Nazi influence that was growing strongly in the German Protestant churches. He died as a martyr of the faith and a political opponent of Hitler’s regime in 1945.)

Quote : When you expect the Goodness of God, you will see the infinite beauty of Jesus and the glory of God that was to pass before Moses while he was hidden in the cleft of the rock

Song : Heaven is Here (Live) – The McClures / Christmas Morning

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