Unexpected wealth

Exodus 12:36 (NLT)
The LORD made the Egyptians look favorably on the Israelites, and they gave them everything they asked for. So they stripped the Egyptians of their wealth!

The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for 400 years. They worked very hard under the oppression of the Egyptians. Because God’s favor was with his people, they brought blessings to the land where they lived. Egypt also became prosperous and very rich because of the slaves who served it with this invisible favor from God.


As it was God’s will and God’s timing, they were about to leave the land of slavery. But they needed provisions. And in a supernatural way, the Lord made the Egyptians look favorably on the Israelites and they gave them everything they asked for. The Egyptians pressed the people to take what they needed. The calamities of the plagues and the recent death of the firstborn made them willing to give what was requested.


The same God who released his favor to His people wants to bless you as well. You can have access to the same favor since you are His child. The Lord will give you favor in the eyes of your “Egyptians” who oppressed you and even enslaved you for years. They may be some of your family members, neighbors, associates, people in high places or others. But remember, we don’t have to fight against flesh and blood. Your enemy is not your husband or your wife or your boss. Your real enemy is the devil and he is the one who must refund you for the years you worked for your oppressors.


In a supernatural way, the Lord will touch people who even look like your enemies. God will give you favor in their eyes. And they will give you whatever you may ask for. It can be money, but it can also be help, open doors, a job, land, or anything else you need and ask for.


Today, start to declare and believe in God’s favor on your life. Declare that God will turn bad things into good. And expect a sudden change from those who have oppressed you, as you bless and love them despite their evil deeds. Unexpected wealth and provisions will be released for you and your family, for God’s favor is with you.


With the gains accumulated over many years being paid for at this time, you will suddenly become rich in many ways, according to the promise made to Abraham (Gen 15:14). And you will leave the land of slavery like a victorious army (Ps 105:37; Ezek 39:10). This is your time to experience the release of “Wealth” from unexpected people and places.

Prayer: God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses, I come to you as your child. You know the years I have labored under oppression. Today I believe that this is the day of deliverance as you release favor in the eyes of my “Egyptians”. I expect supernatural favor from unexpected places and people. Thank you, God, for the wealth that will be released to allow me to leave the place of oppression for a new life of freedom with new provisions.

Quote: God’s favor on us can touch our oppressor to give us suddenly whatever we ask them for.

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