There is always enough

There was always enough flour and olive oil left in the containers, just as the LORD had promised through Elijah.

1 Kings 17:16 

Many widows were in Israel in the days of Elijah, and some, it is likely, welcomed him into their houses. Yet he was sent to honor and bless with his presence a city of Sidon, a gentile city, and thus he became the first prophet of the Gentiles. Jezebel was Elijah’s greatest enemy. To show her how powerless her malice was, God would find a hiding-place for him even in her own country. The person appointed to entertain Elijah was not one of the rich or great men of Sidon but a poor widow, in want and desolate, but both able and willing to sustain him. 

It is God’s way, and it is His glory, to make use of, and put honor upon the weak and foolish things of the world. This woman had great faith. She took the prophet’s word, that she should not lose by it. Those who can venture upon the promise of God will have no difficulty exposing and emptying themselves in His service by giving Him His part first. Surely the increase of this widow’s faith, to enable her thus readily to deny herself, and to depend upon the divine promise, was as great a miracle in the kingdom of grace as the increase of her flour and oil in the kingdom of providence. 

Happy are all who can, against hope, believe and obey in hope. This poor widow gave the prophet a poor meal and in recompense for it, she and her son ate over two years in a time of famine. To have food from God’s special favor, and in such good company as Elijah, made it more than doubly sweet. 

It is promised to those who trust in God, that they shall not be ashamed in an evil time. In days of famine, they shall be satisfied. As God took care of Elijah, this amazing widow and her family, God is going to take care of you. Surely God asks us to give and to make available the only things we have. God doesn’t need what we have, but He will test our obedience to Him. And when we obey and give to the Lord what He asked us to give, He is going to multiply the seeds we give to turn the “not enough” to “more than enough”. When we obey and trust our God, there is always enough. 

Prayer: God, I want to experience Your miracles in my own life. Show me through your Holy Spirit what I need to give. As I’m going to obey, I believe that You will turn my “not enough or just enough” into more than enough, so I can become a blessing for others. 

Quote: When we release our seeds, God is going to multiply them to turn the “not enough” into “more than enough”.

Song: Always Enough (Live) with Kari Jobe

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