The pruning season to bear more fruit

“He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.” John 15:2

Every season has its beauties and its pains. Everybody like every organization or group is passing through different seasons. Springtime is the season where the birds are singing God’s Glory and where the sap, the anointing and favor of God, is released so that green leaves will appear, and we will bloom like a beautiful cherry tree but where there is no fruit yet. Summertime is the season of the sun. Its rays are warming and bringing us vitamins and strength. The fruits of the trees are growing up but not yet ripe. This is the time of joy, vacations and enjoying life. The Bible says in His rays there is healing. When Summer comes to an end, it’s time to harvest! We can celebrate God’s goodness and provision. And then fall is here with the beauty of the varieties of colors. The sky is so blue that we can see far away especially to enjoy the magnificent view on our Swiss Alps summits. The leaves are falling down, and we are preparing everything to get ready for Winter, and when it’s here on 21st December, with its cold and its immaculate snow, a few days later it’s Christmas followed by New Year’s Eve. I so much love being with the family, in a beautiful, decorated house warmed with the crackling fire! When we observe it; we notice that outside, in the nature, there are no leaves, no fruits… It’s a resting season for the creation, the moment we enjoy and eat our fruits harvested before.

Depending on the tree species and the gardener’s habits, in my country, pruning can take place either in autumn or spring. When I observe my nephew, who is the best gardener I know, after all these years, I trust him when he cuts all these branches from our trees. So many times, I thought he was pruning too much; I was skeptical and scared when he cut the beautiful branches. But as soon as the months went by, I noticed that they were the right choices as the results were so magnificent!

This is the same for all of us. In our lives, there are different seasons. In my opinion, one of the most difficult time is the pruning one. When the shears are approaching our house cutting branches in our life, the cut of the branches that where bearing fruit in the past are definitely hard to let go. As it’s written in the first verse of this chapter, God is the gardener of our life. He is a good God and the Gardener. He is taking care of us throughout all stages of life, and He is with us including when it’s pruning time. He knows which branches are to be cut. Don’t be afraid and trust Him! It can be painful but it’s for our best and surely summertime will come back one day, and the fruit will be beautiful. Put your Hope in your Gardener as great days are ahead.

Prayer: Father God, you are the greatest gardener. I entrusted you with the garden of my life, so you can take care of it. I know you will help me and sustain me in every season. Thanks, God, for the pruning season even if I don’t understand everything. But again, I put my trust and hope in you knowing that you are cutting the right branches so I will bear more fruit for your Glory.

Quote: The pruning season is essential to bear more fruit.

Song: 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) – Matt Redman

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