The Lord is my good shepherd

The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need.

He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.

Psalms 23:1-2

This psalm is probably one of the most famous scriptures in the whole Bible, and most believers even know it by heart. We can identify with the psalmist, as we pass through different seasons in our life and we can find in HIM everything we need. Comfort, encouragement, hope, security, protection, help, direction and provision are all some important things that we need in our daily life.

The good news is that we can find all of them, and much more, in the Lord. He is willing to be our Shepherd. The only thing we need to do is, to accept and allow HIM to be our shepherd. He is never going to force us to follow HIM, but it’s worth surrendering our whole life to this wonderful God. As He is God, He is the good Shepherd and in HIM we can find all that we need.

You may need some rest as you are exhausted from different battles in your life. You may need peace in your soul or in your family. You may be hungry and thirsty for peace and righteousness. All that we need is to surrender our whole life to this Great Shepherd, who is willing to bring us to a place of rest in the middle of green meadows today. Our Creator knows exactly what we need for today. As we put our hope and trust in Him as a good shepherd, He is going to provide all that we need and we will never lack anything.

We are living in a crazy and busy society. And we are part of this society but we can, as parents, teenagers, leaders, ministers or businesspeople, find in God this place of rest. And in this peaceful place, we will find the return of strength, new ideas, comfort and courage as His heavenly streams will inspire and fill our life.

Let’s stop fighting in our own strength to control everything. Let’s take our responsibilities by trusting our good Shepherd. Let us not allow the busyness of life to keep us so busy that we don’t take time to stop and rest. Let’s learn to work in His rest and to rest in Him by working. Let’s take time to be still before our God to meditate on His word. As we do it, He will restore our soul and heal our life, and we will experience victory and supernatural peace even in midst of challenges.

Prayer: Lord God, today I give you my whole life and I ask you to become my good Shepherd. I surrender, trusting you to lead me to the greatest place where I will find peace and rest. I love you God, and thanks that I can rest in you knowing that you will provide everything I need.

Quote: Let’s learn to work in His rest and to rest in Him by working

Song: Shepherd (Official Lyric Video) – Amanda Cook | Brave New World

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