The joy to invest in the life of others

We must not just please ourselves. We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.

Romans 15:1-2

We are living in a society where we have so many tools for our self-development. And actually, these Hope & Inspiration are here to help you to become a better you. Loving ourselves is a key and the first step to love the others as God’s commandment. But when we are spending our thinking and energy just to please ourselves, we are missing the goal of our life.

Let’s follow Jesus´ example. Everywhere Jesus went, He encouraged the people around Him. He was constantly sowing seeds of life and leaving people better off than they were before. He never embarrassed or belittled those who served Him. He overlooked their faults and limitations and celebrated their strengths. He helped those who were fainting as he healed the sick and delivered those who were oppressed by the devil. He went from places to places doing good as it’s written in Actes 10:38.

When you meet people, what kind of deposits do you leave behind in their life? A simple smile at the gasoline station, an encouraging word to a shopkeeper, a grateful heart to the one who is cleaning the public restrooms, or any gently gestures are all ways we can encourage the people around us.

As believers, we are all the ambassadors of the Kingdom of God on this earth and should look for opportunities to build up the people around us and in the sphere of society where God sent us as missionary to invest to others people. Let’s not keep the natural or supernatural gifts that we’ve received for ourselves. But let’s be generous by investing to the young generation or anybody that God will send on our road.

I truly believe as I’ve experienced it so many times that when we focus on the strengths and gifts of others, we will begin to see God’s favor poured out on our own life in an even greater way. We’ll rise up higher, and we will experience every victory that He has in store for us. There is much more joy to give than to receive.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for having invested in my own life by giving your life for me. I want to follow your example and I don’t just want to please myself. Touch my heart that I can invest generously with joy to the others. I want to be a people encourager and builder every time I can.

Quote: When we focus on the strengths and gifts of others, we will begin to see God’s favor poured out on our own life in an even greater way.

Song: Others by Israel Houghton

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