The dry valley will be filled with pools of water

2 Kings 3:16-17
“This is what the LORD says: This dry valley will be filled with pools of water! You will see neither wind nor rain, says the LORD, but this valley will be filled with water. You will have plenty for yourselves and your cattle and other animals.”

The kings of Israel complained about their distress and the danger they were in. It was he who summoned these kings, but the kings blamed him for the providence. Thus, man’s folly perverted his way, and then his heart became angry with the Lord as it is written in Proverbs 19:3. Jehoshaphat was doing the right thing by consulting the Lord now, but he would have done better to consult Him even before he engaged in this war.


Human beings, including good men, very often neglect their duty, until necessity and affliction fall upon them. The wicked are sometimes better off in friendship and society than the good. Elisha went into the presence of God and a musician was playing. The power of God came upon him and prophesied that the dry valley would be filled with pools of water. And as a sign directly from the Lord, they would see neither wind or rain, for it was common in the East to speak of wind rising from the clouds of straw, dust or sand, that are often thrown into the air after a long drought. But God wanted to do a miracle to bring victory to his people, just as he wants to do a miracle in your own life.


The same God who worked miracles for the three kings and their people wants to work a miracle in your life. You may be in distress and facing danger, but you can come to the Lord and ask him for a miracle. Enter his presence and his power will come upon you to open your eyes so that you see the supernatural manifestations of God. We cannot explain where the water came from, but we can see that God intervened to provide for their needs.


To test their faith and obedience, Elisha asked them to fill the valley with pits to collect water. Today is your day for a miracle. You need to fill your valley with pits to collect water. Make a step of faith. Do something that will please God to answer your need. Find out in the place where you need “God’s water” the way you can dig and prepare the pools to be filled with God’s Glory. It can be your dried soul longing for His water. Open your spirit to His Spirit to be filled with Him in a fresh new way.


Those who hope for God’s blessings, must dig basins for the rain to fill them, as in the valley of Baca, and thus make that valley precious, Psalms 84:6. Do not ask where the water comes from. God is not attached to side effects. By sincerely asking God’s grace, you will receive it. And without human explanations, your dry valley will be filled with water. You will have plenty of water for yourself, your families, your employees and even more than enough to become a blessing to others. With it, you will be more than conquerors.

Prayer: I prophesy over my dry valley, that God will move supernaturally. My dry valley will be filled with pools of water. God’s Glory will invade my life, my family, my business, my ministry. I will see from God almighty the miracle I need. And His water will be plenty for myself and for my surrounding to have victory over my enemies.

Quote: When you have faith in God, He will fill your dry valley with pools of water.

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