Subject of great joy!

Luke 2:10 

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for I bring you good news of great joy for all the people.

From about the time of the Passover in April until the fall, the flocks were constantly grazing in the fields, the shepherds staying there all that time (so it seems obvious that December, the time of the year usually attributed to the birth of our Lord, is too late to be the time of His birth). They were the night watchmen taking their turn to watch. Even though their social status was not very high and they were simple people, these shepherds were chosen to see the blessed Child for the first time. Like Simeon (Luke 2:25), they were among those who had watched and waited, the servants of the Consolation of Israel. 

The simplicity of their rustic spirit, their quiet occupation, the stillness of the midnight hours, and the amplitude of the deep blue vault above them for the heavenly music that was to fill their ears, designated them as suitable recipients of the first news of an infant Savior. 

But if the shepherds in their immediate vicinity had the first, the wise men from afar had the second vision of the newborn King. In the same way, simplicity first, science second, finds its way to Christ, whom the shepherds in the immediate vicinity saw first.

This is the good news: the coming of Jesus is not reserved for a specific group of people like educated or uneducated, but for every human being. The coming of Jesus as the Son of God on this earth is historically and scientifically proven. And the coming of Jesus-Christ the Messiah is and will always be the subject of great joy for all people from every nation.

May the “spirit of Christmas”, which is not the spirit of the world in relation to unbridled consumption, allow Jesus, who is the Good News, to bring us today and throughout the year this great joy that only HE can give. Joy to the world, The Lord is come. 

Prayer: What a joy for me and the whole world at the coming of Our Lord Jesus-Christ. Truly what you have promised, you’ve fulfilled. Thanks Jesus for coming on this earth bringing the GREAT JOY among us ! 

Special Christmas Prayer: 

You are still waiting for me

Lord, if you want to wait for me again

I will be the fourth wiseman,

gone from nowhere,

left without a star in heaven

for a trip to the end of time,

for a journey to the end of me…

When darkness blurs all tracks,

when my inner compass is beating wildly,

when my road is spinning out of control,

You show me somewhere in the night

the unknown star that You make rise for me.

You tell me that I have not lost my life,

this time that I had dreamed of as something else!

You tell me that You are still waiting for me,

because the party will not start without me.

And I will offer You my childhood

lurking under the rubble of my past…

I will adore the Christmas Child

as one kneels in wonder

before the fragile miracle

of a Word finally become true.

Now, I see You in the Christmas Child

on his knees in front of me

so that I may finally become Your child.

Lytta Basset

“Lytta Basset is a Swiss Protestant philosopher and theologian who, after having been a pastor of the Reformed Church in Geneva, held a position as professor of practical theology at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Neuchâtel. She is the author of several spiritual works that have had an important audience in religious literature.”

Quote: The coming of Jesus is not reserved for a specific group of people like educated or uneducated, but for every human being

Song: Joy to the world – Jeremy Riddle

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