My lover said to me, “Rise up, my darling!

Come away with me, my fair one!”

Song of Songs 2:10

Jesus, the one who loves you so much, is giving you an invitation. Jesus, your lover, is telling you: Rise up, my darling, and come away with me, my fair one. This is a love letter from your God to stand up and come away with Him. The battles, the fights, the challenges, the questions with no answers are behind as God is calling you. Stand up and go in peace, full of trust in Your Lover. He is going to take care of you in every detail. Quit the mindset of the dark and cold season to enter this wonderful, exciting, spring season. In the following verses, He is giving you

7 promises:

1. The winter is past (Song 2:11).

2. The rain is over and gone.

3. The flowers appear on earth (Song 2:12).

4. The time has come for the singing of birds.

5. The voice of the turtle dove is heard in the land.

6. The fig tree puts forth her green figs (Song 2:13).

7. The vines with the tender grapes give forth a good smell.

My friend, there is a new Hope. Your God is giving you enough strength to rise up and to move forward with HIM for a beautiful journey full of colors, new fragrances and great fruits.

Prayer: Jesus, you are my Lover. And I can hear your voice inviting me to rise up and come with you. I accept your invitation and I say YES. I decide to quit the defeating, challenging and negative season to embrace Your victory. I love you Jesus, with all my heart. I fully trust you, rejoicing for this new journey with you. Thank you Jesus, that winter passed away. I receive and embrace with great Hope this spring time in my entire life.

Quote: Your God is giving you enough strength to rise up and to move forward

Song: The power of your love – Hillsong

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