In the strength of the Spirit of the Lord

Judges 14:6
“At that moment the Spirit of the LORD came powerfully upon him, and he ripped the lion’s jaws apart with his bare hands. He did it as easily as if it were a young goat.”

Samson was chosen by God when the people of Israel had been under the oppression of the enemy for 40 years. At a young age he was set apart to be part of that list of heroes who were used in extraordinary ways to bring the people into freedom.


By allowing him to kill a lion, God let Samson know what he could do in the strength of the Spirit of the Lord, so that he would never be afraid to face the greatest difficulties. Samson was a human who had made many mistakes that should have been avoided, but the Lord decided to use him. When he was in trouble, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him with a strength that no man could experience.


My friend, God has chosen you for this season as he had chosen Samson for his season. He has set you apart and today is the time to allow the Spirit of the Lord to come upon you with strength to rout not only the enemies of your life but also the enemies of your family and your people. You may never have imagined that you would be called to make history, but today God is calling you to stand up and be open to the action of the Holy Spirit who wants to come upon you to make a difference in your family and community.


This Spirit of God is the strength of God that will allow you to challenge the roaring lion that is the devil. And not by force, nor by power but by the Holy Spirit you will be able to resist the enemy and rout him. And it is this same Holy Spirit that came upon Samson who will give you the strength you need to annihilate the “Philistines” who oppress you, your family and those around you.


You are not called to be enslaved by recurring problems, but God has chosen you to find solutions with the help of the wonderful Holy Spirit. He will fill you with wisdom, intelligence and also supernatural strength to turn around dead end situations to open a new path of opportunity. As you allow the Spirit of God to take hold of you, with courage you will defy like Samson those elements that want to unleash themselves against you and your surroundings in order to bring deliverance for a free and peaceful life.


So that the Spirit of the Lord may take hold of you as you have never experienced before. And with astonishment you will see this supernatural power unfold in you to fulfill your destiny for this generation.

Prayer: Lord, I thank you that you have chosen me. And as you want to pour out your Spirit on me with power, I open myself to it at this moment. And Holy Spirit, I allow you to come into me and over me with power to fulfill the destiny that My heavenly Father has planned for me.

Quote: When the Holy Spirit comes upon you with power, everything becomes possible.

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