Humble yourselves under the mighty power of God

1 Peter 5:6
“So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.”

Humility protects – preserves – helps for peace and order not only in churches and ministries but also in different groups of people including your families and your personal life. Whereas pride disrupts them. Where God gives the grace to be humble, He gives wisdom, faith and holiness. Being humble, and submitted to our reconciled God, will bring greater comfort to the soul than the satisfaction of pride and ambition.


God resists the proud. Literally, we can translate that God “stands against” those who are proud. The other sins drive God away, but pride alone stands against God. Every person has a certain amount of pride. And that is why we need to consciously bend our knees under the mighty power of God and recognize that we need His Mercy and Grace. Let us regularly, if not daily, ask God to test our hearts and burn away all pride and allow His Grace to transform us through the work of the Holy Spirit. I learn a lot from the example of St. Augustine who said so aptly that “Humility is the receptacle of all graces”.


Humility attracts God Himself into our life. And the Good News, as we seek and work toward humility, in due time He will raise you to honor. To seek humility is not to disappear and believe that we are “void”. No, to be humble is to recognize that God is God and I am not. But I know that by being His child, I am not “nothing”. I am His child whom He created in His image having a great destiny for me. But because of the law of sin and death that tries to attach itself to me, I must continually make sure that I allow his mighty power to come over me that I may bow my kneesbefore God and ask for His help in order to have a pure, simple and servant heart.


And in this process of seeking and working through the Holy Spirit in our lives, that is when He promises to lift us up in Honor. When you keep your heart humble, while taking your place where He asks you to serve Him, one day you will experience a promotion. That promotion is when He will raise you up in honor. It is a special day, a day He has chosen! And no circumstances or jealous people will be able to resist God’s promotion in your life. One of the oldest manuscripts of the Bible – the Vulgate reads: “At the time of the visitation”, that is, His visitation in mercy.


The day of His visitation in mercy in your life is about to arrive. Humbly and patiently wait for His timing. Many times, we would like things to move faster, especially for those who are ambitious. But the secret of promotion, of being able to move forward is to keep a humble heart. Only God can read your heart and when He finds humility in it, He will decide to raise you up.


It must be in due time, not in the time you imagine, but in the time wisely set by God. So let us be humble under His mighty hand.

Prayer: Lord God, I pray to ask your Grace to invade me. I never want to stand against you as I recognize you are the Almighty God whom I love and want to serve. Remove every pride in me that I can have this humble heart that will attract your Presence and Favor into my life.

Quote: God literally stands against those who are proud. But as St. Augustine said, “Humility is the receptacle of all graces.

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