God knows where you are going

But he knows where I am going. And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.

Job 23:10-12

Job knew that the Lord was present everywhere. But after all the challenges he had to face, his mind was in such a confusion, that he could get no fixed view of God’s merciful presence. He was so desperate that he tried to find comfort by spreading his case before God. His views were all gloomy. Job had the feeling to stand at a distance from God, and He even had the sensation that God was frowning upon him. Job expressed his assurance that he should be brought forth, tried, and approved, for he had obeyed the precepts of God. He had relished and delighted in the truths and commandments of God. Job was clear from the charges of his friends, but boldly to assert that, though visited by the hand of God, it was not a chastisement of sin.

My friend, all of us are passing through seasons of different tests. Sometimes it’s because we’ve sin and made mistakes and in that case we can repent and God will forgive us bringing us to the right path. But sometimes, the tests are not linked with what we’ve done wrong or right. Whatever are the reasons, let’s forgive those who accused us wrongly or even do not understand what’s really happening.  And let’s adopt the attitude of Job who maintained his integrity.  He had kept God’s ways and walked in His paths. Job had considered God’s commandments more necessary than his daily food (Job 23:11-12). Though Job couldn’t find God, God could find him. As he was tested, Job came forth as pure as gold.

Prayer: God, I do not understand everything but I decide to put all my hope and trust in you. I decide to walk in Your paths, respecting and following your commandments as more necessary than my daily food. You know where I’m going and you will never forsake me but justify me to come out as pure as gold.

Quote: The trials and test are sometimes painful but God who knows where we are going will use them that we may come out as pure as gold.

Song: Refiner’s Fire (worship video w/ lyrics)

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