Future and hope

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

A look at this book shows us that the Jews had no ” thoughts of peace ” but only of ” evil ” (misfortune), because they could not conceive of how deliverance could come to them. Man’s moral illness is twofold: first there is vain confidence, and then when it is disappointment, despair comes. So the Jews first laughed at God’s threats, in the confidence that they would soon return, and then, broken down by that confidence, sank into inconsolable despair. We are all affected by this and the only thing we can do is repent of our vain confidence. And to recognise that, we need the grace of God for our deliverance. The Lord will surely manifest himself, as he did for his people.


God’s promise was that they would return after the lapse of 70 years. It follows that the 70 years of captivity should not be counted from the last captivity but from the first. While this was the fulfilment of God’s good word to them, it is also time for you to leave your captivity and enter into God’s desire for your own life. Sometimes we don’t know our own thoughts, but the Lord never has any doubt. Sometimes we are ready to fear that God’s purposes are all against us. But as far as his own people are concerned, even what seems evil is for the good.


The Lord’s plans for good, to prosper the exiled people and bring them back to the land of Judah, gave them a future and a hope. This promise was specific to the exiles in Babylon, but it’s also for your exile of the painful years and places you’ve been through. And this word of God is a promise for you today, which has given hope to millions of God’s people in different difficult circumstances.


Whatever your past, God delivers you from your wounds and pains, including disappointments. As you put your faith in Him, He fills you with great hope for a bright future that will no more harm you. And the good news is that you don’t have to wait, because it starts today. He will not give you the expectations of your fears or the expectations of your fantasies, but the expectations of your faith for an end that he has promised will be the best.


Today is the day for you to start walking in this hopeful promise. God’s plans are very good and He is working behind the scenes for you to fulfil them. He is opening a new path and a new door for your career, your ministry, your relationships, your emotional life and even for those around you. He will prosper you in everything, for His greatest desire is to bless you. This is the time to change your negative channel to God’s channel to believe without a doubt for hope and a blessed and glorious future for your spiritual, emotional and physical life, including your family.

Prayer: Thank you God that my time in exile is over. I put my faith in your promises by declaring that today I can be free. By faith I take my first step in your plans that are good for my life. It will not hurt me, for your plans are good and not evil. As you give me a future and a hope, I receive them and take them with a grateful heart.

Quote: This is the time to change your negative channel to God’s channel for hope and a great future.

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