Fresh Glory and strength continually renewed

Job 29:20 (NLT)
“New honors are constantly bestowed on me, and my strength is continually renewed.”

And another version says:

Job 29:20 (NKJV)
“My glory is fresh within me, And my bow is renewed in my hand.”

Being thus honored and useful, Job had hoped to die in peace and honor, in a good old age. It´s a good thing, if such a hope is born of a lively faith in the providence and promise of God. But if it is born of the vanity of our own wisdom and dependence on earthly and changing things, it is founded on disease and will turn to sin.


Job was a man of integrity who knew God. He had gone through trials and even the mourning of his family. We don’t always understand the reasons for the trials we have to go through. But for sure, God does not change. His love will faithfully accompany you through goodand bad times.


As you go through a difficult time, don’t forget your God who promises you that your glory will return. If you are feeling discouraged, dry, not seeing the future, I have good news. The glory that God has put in you will grow again. How will he do that? By His Grace and the work of the Holy Spirit. Believe and you will see His Glory. His Glory will come to you even if you don’t have the strength to think about it. His Glory will invade your glory and it will grow again.


And he will continuouslyrenew your strength. Not by force, nor by power but by the Holy Spirit you will experience God in your limits. When you not only have the impression that you have no strength left but you really feel at the end, that this is the point of time when God can intervene. He promises that He will renew your strength. Your bow will rejuvenate in your hand in a surprising way and you will discover that just when it seemed that everything was over, a new season will begin. A new vigor with fresh ideas will be given to you by the One who will never abandon you.


So just believe in His promises that He will give you fresh glory and renew your strength every single day to continue with HIM your mission on this earth. And this promise is not only valid when you are not doing well but it’s your portion for every day. Also, these promises are for you but also for your family, your business, your ministry. Believe and declare, today my glory will be fresh and my strength will be renewed in every area of my life.

Prayer: Thanks God for your word. Whatever I feel or experience, I believe in your word and declare over my life that today my glory will be refreshed as you invade me with Your Glory. I believe and declare that my strength will be renewed to live a wonderful day.

Quote: In God only, we can find a fresh glory and continously renewed strength every day.

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