Jean-Luc Trachsel is one of the most well-reputed speakers in the whole of Europe. The boldness with which he preaches the Gospel is contagious. I have personally been struck and inspired by his passion for evangelism. His desire to see the name of Jesus exalted the world over is made manifest in his ministry of healing and deliverance. It is with great joy that I give my unreserved praise of this book and commend to you its author, his ministry and his writings.
Picture of Bill Johnson leader of Bethel Church for endorsements
Bill Johnson
Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, California
Jean-Luc Trachsel is a man who is filled with the Holy Spirit, and a fervent preacher of the Gospel who has received God’s anointing. Through him, the Lord confirms His word by performing powerful signs and incredible acts of healing.
Picture of Reinhard Bonnke for endorsements
Reinhard Bonnke
Evangelist, founder of Christ for all nations, † 2019
To bless the Earth with the treasures of Heaven, such is undoubtedly the burning desire of Jean- Luc, a man of vision, relationship and strategy. I have had the privilege of walking alongside Jean-Luc for many years. I have found in him a friend and a man of God whose apostolic ministry centers on evangelism and healing the sick. Divine healing has been on his heart from an early age. A large number of people have been saved and healed through his ministry, and this is just the beginning of something even bigger that God is going to accomplish through him. I have found, in my brother Jean-Luc, not only an attentive husband and wonderful father of four children, but also an entrepreneur who is constantly taking on new challenges. One thing is sure, that he is anointed by the Holy Spirit and that God’s favor rests upon him. I encourage to pray with us, so that many people all across our European continent might discover the God who saves and who heals, through Jesus Christ.
Picture of Werner Lehmann for endorsements
Werner Lehmann
Founder of the Apostolic movement “Gospel Wave”, Switzerland
I am always impressed when I think of Jean-Luc and his ministry. I really appreciate his way of living, which can be summarized in the belief that nothing is impossible! Our God is great and Jean-Luc’s life bears the image of a God who is close to His people.
Picture of Leo Bigger for endorsement
Leo Bigger
Founder of ICF Movement & Pastor at ICF in Zurich
One of the things I love about Jean-Luc and his ministry is that he works passionately to bring people to Jesus. Being one of Jean-Luc’s good friends and having on many occasions conducted my ministry side-by-side with him, I know that he never fails to underline the dignity of the human soul. He reinvigorates people and leads them to accept the destiny and the gifts that have been given to them by God. I heartily recommend his ministry and his vision.
Picture of Ben Fitzgerald for endorsements
Ben Fitzgerald
Director and Evangelist at Awakening Europe
His elegant and distinguished appearance conceals the true personality of Jean-Luc. He is a man who continually draws his inspiration from this God of love about whom he preaches passionately and unreservedly. The wisdom and words of knowledge which the Lord gives him by grace and which he shares with remarkable precision and humility are but the fruit of a life of prayer and intimacy, a life which has experienced trials and which has been sacrificed for the Church. His true happiness lies in his ardent desire that each and every one of us accept Christ as Lord and Savior. This is the essence of his life, and it is an honor to be his friend.
Picture of Carlos Payan for endorsements
Carlos Payan
Pastor and Founder of “Paris Tout Est Possible”
I admire Jean-Luc Trachsel in particular for his heart and his simplicity. The humility he shows allows the Lord to use him in order to heal the sick, whoever they may be. His ministry is, in my eyes, of utmost importance. Jesus came to heal the sick, and it is no coincidence that a large part of His ministry on earth was focused on healing. It is a pressing need for our generation, and Jean-Luc Trachsel is, in my eyes, a man who has learned to listen to God’s heart on the subject of healing, and to let himself be used for his glory. I am thankful that men like you exist, Jean-Luc!
Picture of Eric Celerier for endorsements
Eric Célérier
Founder of website TopChrétien, France
Jean-Luc Trachsel shows the love of God with a rare authenticity. Today’s world is in need of his devotion to the face of Jesus and to the action of the Holy Spirit. We are honored to be working beside him during this historic time of harvest. It is a privilege to count him among our dearest friends.
Picture of Michael and Jessica Koulianos
Michael and Jessica Koulianos
Founders of JesusImage, Florida
It is a great honor for me to recommend to you Jean-Luc Trachsel as an evangelist and pastor. His vision of the Kingdom of God, his firm Bible-based teaching, his gift for healing used with wisdom and efficiency, his humor and his enthusiasm work wonders not only in Switzerland but in the whole world. He conducts his ministry under the spiritual cover of an apostle and is the member of a local church.
Picture of Jean-Claude Chabloz
Jean-Claude Chabloz
Visiting Pastor at Palais fédéral, Berne, Switzerland, † 2019
Jean-Luc Trachsel is a man of rare ardor: his love for the Lord and passion for the ministry of healing are characterized by a complete and contagious commitment. He is also a courageous pioneer. He is opening up new paths in Switzerland and in the whole world, and there are many of us who have benefited from his ministry. We acknowledge with thankfulness the power that accompanies his preaching of the Gospel.
Picture of Pierre Bader
Pierre Bader
Pastor of the Reformed Church, Vevey, Switzerland

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Jean-Luc Trachsel is an admirable man of God. His passion for Jesus and faith in the miraculous are inspiring. We believe that God is preparing him to become one of the leading evangelists in Europe, one who will not only preach the Gospel but perform the signs and wonders that flow from this. We are honored to support his ministry.
Picture of Wesley and Stacey Campbell
Wesley and Stacey Campbell
International prophetic ministry, California, USA
I have known Jean-Luc Trachsel for many years. He is a minister of the Gospel and of divine healing who is full of faith and of great love for his neighbor. His heart longs for revival in Europe. I have been inspired and blessed by his ministry.
Picture of Peter Wenz
Peter Wenz
Senior Pastor of Gospel Forum, Stuttgart, Germany
Jean-Luc Trachsel is like a twin brother to me. It is a great honor to work beside him and see millions of souls saved, healed and delivered, so as to establish the kingdom of God on Earth! His passion and zeal for Jesus are contagious. His heart beats with an unbelievable strength for the nations, and Europe especially. He helps to raise an army which will march through the shadows to enter the Kingdom.
Picture of Matheus Van der Steen
Matheus Van der Steen
Founder of the House of Heroes, Netherlands
Jean-Luc’s healing ministry is built on a profound encounter with the Lord that he has experienced since childhood. His commitment as a disciple springs from this intimacy and is progressively strengthened, with powerful signs, by the trials he faces. Hearing his testimony is like reading an open letter from Jesus to His Church, calling us to live in the reality of this Good News of the Kingdom: on earth as it is in heaven.
Dr Gérard Tamboise
Cardiologist, Paris, France
I am convinced that the Lord has chosen Jean-Luc to be one of the leading figures of the Revival in Europe! He is a generous man who, quite remarkably, gives as much of himself in his preaching for the salvation of souls as he does when praying for the sick. He is a man whose heart burns with love. It is a joy to be his friend and partner in mission!
Father Jean-Michel Tour
Appointed priest in Saint-Jean-Bosco, France
Given that healing has always been part of the Pentecostal teaching, I am encouraged by the emphasis that Jean-Luc Trachsel puts, at the heart of his ministry, on the power of God to heal. Moreover, he does so as an evangelist stirred by a deep love of people and concern for their spiritual needs, and not out of sensationalism.
Max Schläpfer
President of the SPM, Switzerland
I want to thank God for the ministry of my friend Jean-Luc. I have found in him a man of faith, who loves the Lord, who is persevering, with a deep and sincere passion for those who do not yet know Jesus Christ.
Picture of Samuel Peterschmitt
Samuel Peterschmitt
Senior Pastor, Porte Ouverte Chrétienne, Mulhouse, France
God by His grace has given me the gift of knowing Jean-Luc, this man of God, for many years... But with Jean-Luc, time is divided more into “moments of eternity,” the eternity of God which is brought into his ministry and shared within the Christian community. Miracles? We’ve seen plenty! Jean-Luc speaks to the heart and touches, by the power of the gentle Holy Spirit, the flesh and the soul. He loves God as I would like to love God. His respect and compassion for the broken make him a true disciple of Jesus: is it any wonder that crowds press in to hear him and be healed? “You will do the works that I have been doing.” His ministry is tried and tested, his teaching solid and nourishing. With Jean-Luc, we see a powerful anointing, totally stripped of ego...a humble minister of the Gospel who is well-known all over the world, first and foremost for his kindness!
Picture of Brother Rémi Schappacher
Brother Rémi Schappacher
Dominican priest