You are anointed to be a leader


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When oppression and destruction have ended and enemy raiders have disappeared, God will establish one of David’s descendants as king. He will rule with mercy and truth. He will always do what is just, and be eager to do what is right.

Isaiah 16:4-5 

Throughout history and still today, everybody passes through seasons of oppression and destruction. But God promises to those who are in Christ, that these difficult times will one day end. Your hostile raiders will disappear. 

Testing times are an opportunity for you to come to Christ as a “lamb”, and give the best you have, giving yourself as a living sacrifice. When you come to God, the great Ruler, come in the name of the Lamb, the Lamb of God. The sad reality for those who will not submit to Christ (the anointed One) is that they shall be as a bird that wanders from her nest, which shall be snatched up by the next bird of prey. 

Those who will not yield to the fear of God, will end up yielding to the fear of everything else. But the good news is, that you who fear the Lord and give your heart and everything to Him as a living sacrifice, will get a reward from Christ. He will anoint you for the coming season where you will be established to lead.  This is what is mentioned here in this verse, concerning the throne of Hezekiah, which also belongs, in a much higher sense, to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

As you are faithful in the times of troubles, coming closer to your precious Jesus, the Spirit of the LORD (the anointing) will rest on you. You will be filled in this season with the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD. (Isaiah 11:1-5). Those who expect to find favor when they are themselves in trouble, must show favor to those in trouble.

After you have overcome the troubles and battles with His help, there is great hope. You will receive this promotion being chosen by God to be anointed for a position in which you can bring mercy and truth. And by God’s grace you will always do what is just, and be eager to do what is right. Don’t be afraid, in His season, to be promoted to a place of leadership to be a blessing for the land where you live, your country, family, business or ministry. 

(Isaiah 11:10)

Prayer: Lord God, I believe Your word only. I believe that the challenges, the tests, the oppressions and oppositions will one day come to an end. Until total deliverance, I come to You as a “lamb”, willing to give the best I have. I give You my whole life as a living sacrifice, believing that You will release a fresh anointing upon me to prepare me for the season to come. I’m ready for Your promotion, to lead in the sphere of authority You are giving me with mercy and truth. Eager and willing always to do the just and right thing.


Quote: Those who will not yield to the fear of God, will end up yielding to the fear of everything else. 

Song: Song of Solomon / Lord, Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary / Jesus Image / by my friend – David Brymer