Dreams coming from God will be fulfilled

Genesis 37:5
“One night Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him more than ever.”

God uses dreams as a powerful way to speak to us regarding our future. Dreams coming from God is a little seed that we need to protect and take care as a precious gem to help us finding the way to fulfill our destiny.

But when we have a dream, like Joseph, when we start doing something out of the ordinary, critics will come out. Everything will be fine as long as we’re in our box, as long as we’re all at the same level. But very often, when we start pressing forward, that’ll stir up that critical, jealous spirit. Don’t be discouraged not having the support and the celebration of everybody regarding what God put in your heart. Don’t get sidetracked by the negative reactions of others. Don’t let critics poison you. Learn to just shake if off!

Joseph’s brothers rejected him and sold him into slavery. And it wasn’t easy, but do you know what Joseph did? He just shook it off. He did not let their rejection steal the dream out of his heart. I’m sure he was discouraged at that time.I’m sure he didn’t’ understand how God was going to work things out, but he chose the best way by refusing this poison to destroy the dream coming from Godthat was in him. He worked and watched on his heart and didn’t get bitter. He didn’t spend his time thinking of how to revenge towards his brothers. He didn’t go around blaming God. No.Year after year, he just kept shaking it off, treasuring this precious gem in his heart trusting God that the seed would grow, and the promises would be fulfilled. And you know the story; one day God brought justice into his life, andsome fifteen years later, he was put in charge of all the affairs of Egypt.

Protect God’s dreams in your heart. Be careful, as God warned us not to share the gems to the “pigs”. You can share it to some close friends or advisors who are not going to put out the fire but who are going to encourage you to fulfill the dreams that God hasput in your heart. One day, your dreams will be realized as God is with you like He was with Joseph.

Prayer: God, give me some dreams about my life! As Joseph did, I will take care of them believing that no critics or jealous people will stop what you’ve put in my heart. Help me to watch out on my heart to have no bitterness and resentment but to keep focusing on those precious dreams. Help me through your precious Holy Spirit, the best advisor, to manage and to work to implement these dreams! One day, they will be real.

Quote: When we have a dream, when we start doing something out of the ordinary, critics will come out

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