Conquer evil by doing good

Romans 12:21
“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

When we are attacked or injured by someone who wishes to harm us, unless we flee, we would be ready to apply the saying: “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. This saying, which shows the reciprocity between the crime committed and the punishment received, appears in the Old Testament.

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is a vindictive and egalitarian expression. This saying states that a guilty person should receive the punishment corresponding to the seriousness of what he or she has done. This is the principle of the Law of Talion, which comes from the Latin “talis” and means “the same”, “like”, “similar”, and indicates the reciprocity between the punishment and the crime. We understand: “Such a fault, such a punishment: the sentence is equivalent to the offense”.

But Jesus, who came to this earth as a servant, showed us the example to follow. The example of forgiveness and even more how to overcome evil by doing good which is the way by excellence to follow and gives so much serenity. Our sinful nature leads us to respond to evil with evil. And if we let evil take over, evil will take root and lead to inner conflicts, which seem to be unsolvable like neighborhood or family disputes leading to bitterness and even drama.

I have good news: The kingdom of God has good principles, which are suggested to us to bring heaven and its benefits to this earth.

Do not be overcome by evil, but conquer evil by doing good. This is more easily said than done, but it is an essential key to your life that will release peace, serenity like you have never known before. God is far stronger than evil. And if we let evil take over, that’s when evil is multiplied, it’s like when we let good take over, then evil will be destroyed by good.

So make the decision, with the help of the Holy Spirit, not to allow evil to get the best of you. Today you have the choice and the authority to rebel against the evil that has been inflicted on you and continues to hurt you. How can you get the better of the evil? Well, by doing good. Oppose the spirit of evil that animates those people who sometimes hurt you unintentionally. Allow the spirit of God to come upon you, for he is the spirit of good that wants to do good.

Here are 7 examples of how to do good to those who have hurt you:

  1. Love them (Mt. 5:44; Lk. 6:27). It is a decision and it must be manifested by actions.
  2. Bless them (Matt. 5:44; Luke 6:28). There are many ways to be a blessing to others, such as inviting them to eat, giving them a box of chocolates, bringing them a homemade dessert, giving them a gift
  3. Do good to them (Mt. 5:44). The Holy Spirit will give you creativity and wisdom to avoid provocation but to enable you to bring heaven to this earth in this situation in an obvious way.
  4. Pray for them (Mt. 5:44; Lk. 6:28).
  5. Lend them money (Lk. 6:34-36). 
  6. Be kind to them (Lk. 6:35-36). A smile never hurts, be helpful etc. (Lk. 6:34-36). 
  7. Be grateful to them (Lk. 6:36). Remember, if God is slow to anger, rich in kindness and grace towards us, He wishes the same for our enemies.

Here are 7 examples of love:

  1. God (Matt. 5:44; Luke 6:35; Rom. 5:8)
  2. Abraham (Gen. 20:14-18)
  3. David (1 Sam. 24:17; Ps. 35:12-14)
  4. Elisha (2 Kings 6:22-23)
  5. Jesus (Luke 23:34)
  6. Stephen (Acts 7:60)
  7. Paul (Rom. 9:3; 10:1)

Prayer: My God, I want to be like you. I am your child and heaven is my home. So I decide to leave this human nature and take on your nature by doing good to overcome evil.

Quote: Do not be overcome by evil, but conquer evil by doing good, which will release the goodness of God.

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