Changed into a different person

1 Samuel 10:6
“and the Spirit of the LORD will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.”

When the Spirit of God comes in a powerful way on a person, that person will probably do strange things like prophesy, but in most cases he or she will be transformed into a new person. The same Holy Spirit who came upon Saul, when he was chosen to be the new and first king of Israel, is the Holy Spirit who wants to come upon you because you have been chosen by God to serve Him.

The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you – this can be translated word for word from the Hebrew: “rush upon you”, and will suddenly endow you with an ability and disposition to act in a way far superior to your previous character and habits. And (let me say this with great respect for every profession and especially for farmers and those who work the land and graze cattle, for they are extraordinary people), instead of the simplicity, ignorance and sheepish attitudes of a peasant, you will show energy, wisdom and magnanimity worthy of a prince.

It doesn’t matter what your background or education is, whether you come from the world of higher finance, politics, middle class or a working class family, when the Spirit takes hold of you – you will be transformed into a new person in relation to the calling God will give you. Don’t limit God’s work in your life, but allow Him to work in the depths to transform you for a royal calling. You will probably never be a king/queen, but as a child of the King of kings, your calling is to be part of the royal family that has an important role to play in this generation.

Open yourself to this outpouring of the Holy Spirit on your life with a powerful dimension that will supernaturally strengthen you with new leadership abilities. Your limitations will be transformed into a reservoir of extraordinary solutions and possibilities. Your life will be transformed in such a way that other people will not understand that you are no longer doing things on your own but that it is the Spirit of God who is upon you to do extraordinary things on a royal level.

And here are 5 of the spiritual blessings that Saul had received:

  1. The Spirit of God came upon him (1.Sam. 10:6,10-13; 11:6)
  2. He prophesied (1.Sam. 10:6,10-13)
  3. He was changed into another man (1.Sam. 10:6) 
  4. God was with him (1.Sam. 10:7)
  5. God gave him a new heart (1.Sam. 10:9)


Today and in the days ahead, ask God to pour out his Spirit on you in a new way. And as you open yourself to Him through faith in Him, these 5 blessings will be given to you that will transform your daily life and those around you.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, I ask you to come upon me in a powerful way. I know that God has something more in store for me, and that is why I am opening my spirit to the Spirit of the Lord to come upon me to radically change my life with a multitude of blessings to fulfil my destiny and responsibility.

Quote: We can work very hard trying to change our lives. But when the Holy Spirit comes upon a person, they will be radically transformed by supernatural blessings.

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