Called to prosper

3 John 1:2
“Beloved, I wish you to prosper in all respects and be in good health, as the state of your soul prospers.”

When we talk about prosperity, many times our religious mindset makes us react. Especially here in Europe, we directly associate prosperity with the prosperity of the American gospel. Of course, there are some mistakes and abuses in this regard and unfortunately not only in the USA, but also in other countries including Africa. But it is not because of false teachings given or bad behaviour shown by some people, that we should reject the biblical principles concerning the promises God has in store for us.

Prosperity according to God’s plan is so important, and I encourage you to open your mind to the Spirit of God who wants to transform our world of thinking influenced by teachings that go against His will. God’s heavenly prosperity does not mean driving fancy cars or enjoying the generosity of others. Nor does it mean being thrifty to the extreme, not to mention greedy, and not enjoying the good things God gives us here on earth.

Prosperity is more than having a good financial situation. It means good health, having peace/serenity, being able to sleep at night, having good relationships. There are so many things you can’t buy with money. And I can’t find a single verse in the Bible that suggests that we should live on this earth where so many people live by a lack of revelation that is called “not enough” and that without being able to offer ourselves what we want to be a blessing to others.

God is called El Shaddai, the God of ‘more than enough’. He takes pleasure when his people prosper. He says that we are created to be the head and not the tail. He says that he will work good things on us. Jesus came so that we can live an abundant life. God’s desire for your life is that you be blessed in such a way that you can be a blessing to others – so prosperous, so generous and so full of joy that others will want what you have too. He wants to use everything you have to advance his kingdom.

So today, leave and release that spirit of poverty and open yourself to the plan and blessings God has for you and your family. And if you are in need, begin to practice the principles of the kingdom of God which includes tithing and giving. Generosity does not refer to what we do not have, but to what we have that is valuable to share with our neighbour, to release supernatural provisions from heaven. 

And for those who live in abundance, don’t be ashamed to have more than enough, because our daddy in heaven is extremely rich and we must not forget that he gives to us so that we also give to others. He has given us his salvation, so that we may share the gospel with our neighbour. We received his peace, joy, love, healing, deliverance and everything else not to keep it all selfishly for ourselves, but to manifest his nature of love and generosity to this generation. And as you practice His generosity, prosperity will be your destiny because that is God’s desire for your life. 

Prayer: Thank you God for your word and your principles concerning prosperity. I renounce the religious and wicked spirits that want to lock us into spiritual smallness and poverty. I open my mind to the Holy Spirit, so that I may fully receive the blessings that God has in store for me. I ask you Lord, to prosper me. 

Quote: God’s desire for your life is that you be blessed in such a way that you can be a blessing to others.

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