Being lifted up in honor

1 Peter 5:6
“So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.”

Nobody appreciates being humiliated and treated with dishonor by other people. And yet many people do, and maybe you are one of them. The good news is that God who loves you has another plan for you. His plan is to raise you up with honor.


The ingredient of being raised with honor always starts with humbling yourself under the mighty hand of God. Humbling yourself is not a religious mindset that intends to put you down and humiliate you to say “I am nothing” or “I am nobody and not worthy…”. To humble yourself is a decision in dignity where you decide to recognize that you need this extraordinary God.


The Bible says that God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud. All of us have a certain amount of pride and must be careful not to let it grow in our lives. The best way is to eradicate it by making the decision that it has no place in our lives. And one of the ways to deal with these roots of pride is to willingly humble ourselves before God. Simply opening our hearts with simplicity and humility to recognize that without God we are truly limited.


And as you humble yourself, acknowledging your mistakes, asking for forgiveness for your sins with sincerity, this will get God’s attention and He will work behind the scenes for you. When you are treated badly by others, humiliated by unfair situations, you have two options:

  1. To fight back to prove that you are right to save your honor.
  2. To forgive and leave this injustice in the hands of God.


So many people, pressed by personal pride, want to defend themselves and get into conflicts. It doesn’t mean you need to shut up. The real humility is in the heart and out of your heart, actions will be defined.  I encourage you today to lay down the weapons, to take option number two, which is to forgive and humble yourself. How do we humiliate ourselves when we are humiliated by others? Simply approach the feet of Jesus and recognize that we are not perfect and that we need His grace in our human relations. In other words, to humble ourselves is to lower ourselves, to go lower to allow God to manifest Himself on your behalf.


And in due time, and it cantake time, to allow God to work in you, but every time you humble yourself before the mighty hand of God, the day will come when He will raise you up in honor. True humility is not about being dragged in the mud forever, but it is simply understanding God’s principle of letting Him stand up for you and lift you up one day. It may be that like Joseph you were treated unfairly but the day came when he had lost everything and God raised him to the highest position in Egypt. You may have lost your job unfairly, or you may have lost a lawsuit, or you may have faced injustice in your family or even in your church. Today, if you willingly humble yourself under God’s mighty hand, not to extinguish yourself but to align yourself with God’s heart and find His peace, then the day will come when He will raise you to a rank and position of honor.

Prayer: Lord God, whether I am facing an unfair situation or just going through the motions, I wish to humble myself under your mighty hand. I recognize that you are the Almighty God and that I need your Grace. As I lay down, I wait to see you at work to raise me up in the right day to a place of honor. I praise and thank you in advance.

Quote: Humbling ourselves is not a religious act that drags us down further to extinction but is a heart position to allow God to raise us up with honor.

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