“All heart” to be strong

Joshua 14:11
“I am as strong now as I was when Moses sent me on that journey, and I can still travel and fight as well as I could then.”

Israel remained outside of Canaan for forty-five years because the people feared the descendants of Anak, a great and strong people who lived in the hill country of Judah. But Joshua and Caleb returned to give an honest report. This report was not the product of exotic faith or unbalanced spiritual discourse without regard for reality. They were honest in recognizing that instead of entering the promised land, they faced enemies with giants and fortresses. But they decided not to put their faith in visible realities, but in their invisible but real God who was greater and stronger than all enemies.


But their brothers who accompanied them frightened the people to prevent them from entering the promised land. God has made promises to you, but in front of you, there are enemies who will do everything to stop you. And of course, there are always people who are sometimes brothers and sisters, who do not believe and who want to dissuade us from fighting for what God has promised us.


But Caleb followed the Lord his God with all his heart. From the bottom of his heart, he had received the promise that the land of Canaan on which he walked would become his and his descendants’ forever. His heart was the foundation and the springboard to take hold of his inheritance.


Caleb’s request was, “Give me this mountain” or Hebron, because it was part of God’s earlier promise, and he wanted the people of Israel to know how much he appreciated that promise. Those who live by faith appreciate what is given by God’s promise, much more than what is given by his providence alone. He now owned the land of the Anakim, and Caleb wanted the people of Israel to know how little he feared the enemy, and that he would encourage the people to continue the conquest.


Caleb lived up to his name, which means “heart-oriented”. Hebron was intended for Caleb and his heirs, because he followed the Lord, the God of Israel, completely. We are blessed if we follow him. Simple piety will be crowned with simple favor. A whole heart for God, following him when we are young, will enable us in our old age to have the same strength. As the Bible says, our heart is the center of our life. A pure and healthy heart, which trusts God completely, brings us a divine strength that allows us to conquer new territories, even if we are older.


At age 85, Caleb felt as strong as he did at age 40. He still felt equipped to go out and fight, to pursue ordinary and extraordinary activities. This was not the boastful way of an older man who hates to see his strength diminish. It was the truth, for he chased three giants from his inheritance (Judges. 1:20). There was no doubt that Caleb would live for many years to enjoy his property. If he stayed as long as Joshua, who was almost the same age, then he would enjoy at least another twenty-five to thirty years of life (Joshua 24:29).

Even if you are young, you may feel weak or old. Search your heart and ask the Lord to renew it with the same desire as Joshua and Caleb. Give all the space in your heart to be able to follow with all your heart the direction of the Almighty God who is ready to give you the promised land. It doesn’t matter how old you are, even if you are retired. And this land will belong to you and your descendants. – With all your heart … that is the way to go.


Prayer: Lord God, I give you my whole heart. Let your word set me on fire to follow you without hesitation but with all my heart. As you are my all and my heart burns for you, I believe that I will go forward with your strength, even in my old age to pursue your promises.

Quote: Simple piety will be crowned with simple favor, as a whole heart for the Lord will release supernatural strength even in your older days.

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