A peaceful valley to rest

Weekly Hope Inspiration I November 8th, 2020

“As with cattle going down into a peaceful valley, the Spirit of the Lord gave them rest. You led your people, Lord, and gained a magnificent reputation”

Isaiah 63.14

All our comfort and hope spring from the loving-kindness of the Lord, as our miseries and fears comes from our sins. The good news is that Jesus is the Savior, and when we seek Him, He is glorified not only by saving but also by feeding his purchased flock and leading them safely through dangers.

Everybody as a person, family or organization is facing mountains, difficulties and sometimes perilous ways to move forward. Today, the Lord is willing to bring you down from this tiring time to a place of great Hope for Peace. The ground the Lord is leading you to, is fertile and a well-watered valley full of peace for your spirit, soul and body. Open your spirit to this precious Holy Spirit, and even if the battle is still raging, supernaturally as you surrender yourself fully to Him, He is leading you to this peaceful valley where He will gain magnificent reputation through your life.

God spoke to Joshua and said ‘The LORD your God is giving you a place of rest. He has given you this land.’ (Joshua 1.13). The same God who was with Joshua is with you and He is giving today “A WONDERFUL PLACE OF REST”. The Lord is giving you rest on every side, just as He had solemnly promised. And none of your enemies will be able to stand against you. for the LORD will help you to conquer all your enemies (Joshua 21.44).

Prayer: Lord I don’t give up to reach my promised land, but today I fully surrender to you as you are my Good Shepherd. Holy Spirit come upon me and lead me to this peaceful valley where I will find great rest. As you are fighting for me knowing as you’ve promised that no enemies will be able to stand against me, I worship you by enjoying on every side a great place of peace and rest.

Quote: The Lord is willing to bring you down from this tiring time to a place of great Hope for Peace.

Jean-Luc Trachsel

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